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google map map By car from Miercuera Ciuc: go on about 20 kilometers towards Miercuera Ciuc Comanesti, to Ghimes Pass. After another 20 kilometers you will find a railroad crossing between Lunca de Jos and Ghimes. Here, turn left (Valea Rece). About 5.1km later you can see our guesthouse called Boglarka. (after the 3rd bridge). There is also a direct railway line between Miercuera Ciuc and Lunca de Jos.

RO 537145 Lunca de Jos
Valea Rece 1213 ROMANIA

Rumanian TelefonNr:    (40)-751-628-941
Rumanian TelefonNr:   (0040)-266-339-521
Hungarian TelefonNr:    (36)-30-30-451-09

GPS: 46.613873 N / 25.957608 E / 860 m

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