Tours and programs in Seklerland and in Harghita

The Ghimes Valley, Ciuc and Harghita Mountains are rich in natural and cultural attractions. Here are some examples.

Harghita Mountain and the Balu adventure park Der Miko castle in Miercurea Ciuc and the Sekler Museum
Balvanyos mountain and the castle A Siculeni genocidal monument
Saint Anna lake (bathing is possible), marsh and chapel Ghelinta Church with the Holy Ladislaus legend belongs to World Heritage
Praid, Sovata and Lupeni Baile Tusnad mountain and the lake
Cheile Bicazului, creek and the Killer lake Church day in Soimeni (Pentecost) and the Pilgrimage Church
Sekler Darjiu belongs to World Heritage Die 1000 years old Border Ghimes, the Castle of Rakoczi

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bálványos vára békás szorosról 3 brassó városáról csikszereda gyilkos tó madéfalvi veszedelem csíksomlyói búcsú
csíksomlyói búcsú 2 szent anna tó tusnádfürdő fehérvölgy fehérvölgy 2 Rákóczi vár hidegsegpataka
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