Excursion and tour in Transylvania - Saxons Country (german)

South and west of Seklerland lies the Transylvanian Saxons country. Its history dates back to the XII. Century, so the Germans are autochthons in Transylvania. In the last 100 years the number of saxons is reduced by 95%. In 1910, there were more than quarter million Germans, today that number is less than 15,000. In some villages we found only few germans, and they are also very old. An example is Wormhole, there were 30 years ago, 700 Germans, and today only 8. In the last centuries were many conflicts between the Hungarians and Saxons. Today they have the same fate. The sad story of the Saxons must serve as an example and lesson for the Transylvanian Hungarians.
If we trip in the greman country, we find many historical sights. Many of them are under protection of UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Historic downtown of Sighisoara belongs since 1999 to the world cultural heritage Birthälm is near Sighisoara, in western direction
Medias is the site of the first Saxon National Convention Wormhole belongs to the world heritage
In Tartlau we find no German population more German White Church belongs since 1993 to the world cultural heritage
Kelling fortress Brasso, die Black Church and the Katharine Gate