The Ghimes-Mountain Pass, the Tatros Valley and the traditional culture of Transylvania

Ghimes is located on the eastern edge of Seklerland (Transylvania). The "csango" ethnic group native to Seklerland. They have been migrated to the east in the XVIII.century. The name "csango" comes from the Hungarian word "csangal", and means "emigrated" or "immigrated". The culture and the vocabulary is the old Hungarian language today sometimes difficult to understand. Often scientific linguist come here to collect old words and phrases. The word "Ghimes" comes from the Hungarian "gim", and means a place with many red deer. The area was known hunting ground. Here is the 1000 years old borders of Hungary, which was then served as a border between Romania and the austrian Monarhie. At the border you can find the Stronghold of Rakoczi. The main river of Ghimes called Tatros. There are many tributaries , that originate from 1000 fountains of the mountains. These rivers have always gotten its name from the inhabitants. So there are Tanko-river, Antalok-river etc. The oldest village in Ghimes means Bükk (Faget), then comes Közeplok(Lunca de Jos) and Felsolok(Lunca de Sus). The Ghimes-Folkdances, Folksmusic and Songs are among the oldest in the Hungarian culture. Similar to the Székely people are the "csango" ethnic group catholic (Roman).
gyimesi tájkép gyimesi táncról kép gyimesi táj télen gyimesi tájkép 2 téli gyimes 2 gyimesi tehenek gyermekek mise előtt gyimesi népviselet kép -More pictures here! --- You will find the map of Ghimes here!