Hiking in Ghimes (Transylvania): Orogyik Top

This trail starts from the Boglarka guest house in Valea Rece (part of Lunca de Jos). The absolute height from sea level is 860m. We begin our journey towards Barackos (to the north). After ca.280m we leave the asphalt road to the right, towards Orogyik mountain. We begin with the rise of through the pasture. The higher we are, the wider the valley. From the right we find the Cokan Brook, from left the Barackos mountain. Above, on the Orogyik peak (1297m), we find a wonderful landscape. To the west we see the mountains of Naskalat, in the north is Muhos - brook, in East Rakottyas and Aranyos - top, and to the south we find the peaks of Buha and Hegyeshavas. One could look at this landscape for hours, it pays applied a telescope with you. When the slope of the mountain Orogyik we see many small wooden houses, as hay - serve storeroom. Towards Kovas and Javardi brook we find on the left side the Bandi - creek, and at the end of our journey we reach the asphalt road again, next to the chapel and the cemetery. From here take another 600m to reach the Boglarka guest house. This tour is the best way to get an overview of the Ghimes - mountain pass.
Distance: 7.5 km // climb: 462m // Max.slope: 35.4%, -28.8%
Time: 5 Std // Lowest Point: 841m // Highest point: 1297m

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