Geocaching in Transylvania Guest House Boglarka Ghimes

The Boglarka guest house has total 3 geocache in the mountains, and one geocache in the valley. All geocaches are hidden that can be found within one day, and the group can return to the guest house. To find the geocaches are GPS tracks and descriptions available. The geocaches are MultiBoxes. The boxes shape is a cylinder with a watertight cap. The geocaches in the mountains are red, and in the valley is green. The cap is white. In the boxes, there is a description of the game in 3 languages (including english), a password, a pen, a noticebook, and most importantly, a Enctype Code. A copy of this Code needs to be collected. Each group is allowed to take only 1 Code. Everything else please carefully pack back and close the cylinder water resistant. If all Codes were collected, the solution of the puzzle can be found. With each Code founded the whole team gets a coffee or refreshment of the Boglarka house. The group that finds the solution of the puzzle (4 Codes), gets a really valuable gift. The Code is simple and the solution can be found quickly. The geocaches are hidden in places where you will find a beautiful and valuable nature and sight. We hope that you will like it. In one day only one box can be found (because of the distance)

Geobox - Geocache 1 Geobox - Geocache 2 Geobox - Geocache 3 Geobox - Geocache 4
N46 40.612
E25 58.581
N46 37.246
E25 59.461
N46 36.163
E25 54.976
N46 36.826
E25 57.439