Programs in Ghimes and Seklerland

Programs - Attractions Activity
Pasturage in Ghimes: food specialties (orda, feta cheese, house bread) with trial Country Houses - folksong - hominy, carriage ride

Folk art - csango Bunda sewing - carving - horseshoe smith

Still peasant life and economic - Hay Produktion - mow - treating

Medicinal plants and herbs - mushroom - Raspberry and blueberry - Herbal tee production, jam

Dance Camp in Ghimes
Culinary knowledge: traditional sekler and saxon Foods, cake, Bioproducts, takes 1 week (only over 15 Person) Forest School for children - Religious Studies - Youth Camp - trips for congregation

Geocaching in Ghimes

Easter Eggs

Cleaning and therapeutic holidays for townsman

Balu adventure- - and leisure park in Harghita

Thousand Székely girl ceremony

Parish day on Pentecost
pigsticking in autumn Bath in small creeks