Bicycle route in Transylvania: Barackos, Muhos, Rakottyas, Balvanyos brook

We start our journey from the Boglarka Guest House (860m) to the north. After ca.2.7km we reach the catholic church Barackos. Here we follow the stream of Hidegseg to right until we reach the spa of Muhos. The road climbs slowly and we find less and less houses on either side of the creek. Once we reach Rakottyas (1010m), we turn right, and here comes a 1.5km long climb. It pays to ride upward. On the hill we find a beautiful view of Bálványos - Brook. From here reduces the path until we reach the first houses of Bálványos (905m). In the world war the II. there was strong battle between german, hungarian and sovjet soldiers. The slope we can enjoy is 7km long. Once we reach the asphalt road again, turn right, and after 3.9km we reach the railroad crossing, and then the Boglarka guesthouse again.

Distance: 26.7 km // climb: 409m // Max.slope: 12.8%, -16.1%
Time: 6 Std // Lowest Point: 754m // Highest point: 1073m

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