About Us - the correct guest house in Transylvania
”Come as a guest, and adopted as friend”

Lajos bácsi és Ági néniOur roots come from Hungary some white, some white from Transylvania (Seklersland) First in 2004, we thought to build a guest house located in the Ghimes Valley. Here we also have relatives.
Our goal is to make this beautiful surroundings more and more known. We hope that your time spent here will be an unforgettable experience for you, and when you return to your home you tell the adventures collected here for your acquaintance.

Our guest house supports many poor csango families in the area. We organize education courses and training opportunities for youth.családi kép

We believe it is very important to keep our heritage, the traditions, the 1000 year old dances, and pass on the nature-friendly lifestyle for the next generation. Our Guesthouse fits the traditional Transylvanian hospitality with the comfort and spaciousness of the XXI. Century together. Visit us! You are welcome!